At Divine TLC Integrative Veterinary Services, the goal is to balance your animal’s body so it can do what it knows how to- HEAL and REMAIN HEALTHY. And guess what else? Education!! I hope you like to learn as we will talk in detail about why something might be occurring and how to fix and/or improve it in an integrative manner.

I help animals in a preventative way and after a disease has manifested. I treat the young and the old. It is ideal to start holistic and preventative therapies when your animal is young, but it’s never too late!

Many issues arise from the inability to remove normal toxic waste from the body. This causes countless different diseases and growths. These issues are exacerbated or originate from different sources but primarily from a poor diet. If we improve their ability to remove toxins AND get them on a diet that their body does well on, you will be amazed how well your animal can do. I always provide an acupuncture or energy healing treatment with each exam, which improves your animal’s ability to remove toxins.

Here we will treat holistically first and conventional second. I combine many different techniques to understand whats going on with your animal, including Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, various energy healing frequencies, applied kinesiology, conventional medicine and others to identify exactly what your animals’ body needs. From my experience many diseases can be healed or managed with holistic medicine alone. Some diseases need conventional medicine and if that is the case those medicines or surgeries will be recommended. If a procedure needs to be done elsewhere, I will help direct you accordingly.

Diagnostics such as bloodwork, ultrasounds, radiographs, or echocardiograms are encouraged. This helps perfect the treatments and maintain your animal’s health. Chinese herbals can also be used as a diagnostic tool.

Ultimately your animal’s health is a team effort between you and them. I am here to keep your animal family on the right track. With all the services I provide we can create a plan for your animal even if medicating them is difficult. Commitment, lots of love, patience and attention to detail are key!

Holistic Vet Treating Exotics
Holistic Vet Treating Kitties