Dr. Tamara Lynn Colebank, aka Dr. TLC, is an integrative veterinarian treating animals WHOLEistically to keep them as healthy as possible for as long as possible. I am both a holistic veterinarian and a conventional veterinarian. I look at every piece of the puzzle to help your animal stay healthy, heal from disease, or live optimally with a manageable disease.

I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Colorado State University in 2019. I am certified in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medical acupuncture from the Chi Institute since 2019 and in Theta Energy Healing from ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge since 2014. I completed training in Animal Normalization Therapy from Full Spectrum Canine Therapy in 2017. I am certified in Dogosterone Therapy. I have extensive and ongoing training in Chinese veterinary herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, food therapy, Tui-na massage, and I regularly use homeopathy, homotoxicology, conventional medicine and surgery.

I have practiced as a holistic, integrative, and conventional doctor, using all the knowledge and tools of a conventional veterinarian with the eyes of a holistic veterinarian to create the best integrative approach. I combine my intuition with my studied knowledge and experience to help heal and improve the ‘unhealable’. I see value in treating the patient’s owners, as needed, with energy healing to overcome emotional blockages, as there is a connection that is often linked between an animal’s issues and the owners.

I live with my husband, our two cats Kitton and Beautiful, our pug Joule, our rabbit Leroy, and our hamster Rose. In my free time, I enjoy meditating, learning, experiencing new places and restaurants with my family and friends, taking care of my animals, cooking, gardening, and dancing.