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Theta Energy Healing


Hip Dysplasia

First Image: Dr. Tamara testing Joule’s hip range of motion before her energy treatment, Second Image: Your holistic vet testing Joule’s hip after the energy treatment. Way more flexibility and less pain! And no meds!

Allergic Dermatitis

First Image: Dr. Tamara performing acupuncture to open the meridian associated with Bailey’s wound and to boost her immune system. Second Image: Your holistic vet healing the wound Bailey’s body created from her allergies She had so much more energy after her treatment! Her wound healed in 3 days!


Dr. Tamara is extremely professional , knowledgeable and accommodating holistic and integrative Veterinarian. She gave my pets a comprehensive exam and explained everything I needed to know about my pets. She also used acupuncture on my dogs and I could see  immediate results by their positive expressions.  I’m so glad I have Dr Tamara as she goes above and beyond for her patients.  I won’t take my pets anywhere else, because the care for them is unparalleled anywhere else. 

Nancy Sussman

Dr. Colebank is an extraordinary veterinarian. Her passion for animals is one of a kind. When my kitty was having urinary crystals and having difficult peeing Dr. Colebank came over every day to help me medicate him. I couldn’t have done it without her. When you need the extra mile, she will provide it for you!

Sherri Armstrong

Let’s aid your animal’s healing together!